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Gregg Wilkerson as minerWilkerson as lightkeeper
Gregg Wilkerson as a miner (left) from the 1800s, and as assistant lightkeeper at Piedras Blancas Lightstation (right), circa 1875-1906.
Gregg Wilkerson

Bakersfield Field Office

"I have a passion for geology."

Gregg Wilkerson is a geologist in the Bakersfield Field Office and says he has a passion for geology.  But, that is not his only role.  Gregg uses his many talents and  interests to express his great passion for public outreach and education.   For the past 14 years, Gregg has been providing class presentations and guided instructional tours on a variety of topics.  And to add color and a sense of reality to the tours, Gregg assumes the part, from a crusty old miner of the 1800's to a light keeper of the early 1900's.  He also leads tours of the San Andreas Fault and other geology field trips.  The result is a novel and effective way to engage young people and adults alike in our history and geology.

Since 1993, Gregg has guided over 21,000 people and logged over 12,000 hours of public outreach. He has organized more than 150 tours and made over 180 presentations at such venues as the National Science Teacher's Convention and the Tucson Gem and Mineral Convention.  Gregg's efforts with volunteer and educational organizations earned him the President's Point of Light Award, presented by Manuel Lujan, Secretary of Interior for George Bush, Sr.  Gregg says this is his most interesting accomplishments in his career with the Bureau of Land Management.   Gregg started working for the government in 1984 and joined BLM in 1986.

Gregg is also on the technical advisory board for the Buena Vista Museum of Natural History and is the co-lead on paleontological excavations, mostly of Miocene-age marine mammals in the Sharktooth Hill area.  Currently, he is excavating Ice-Age mammoth, bison, giant camel and horse fossils at the Rosamond Mammoth Beds.

Gregg and his wife Cristina live in Bakersfield.  They have a daughter, Freya -named for the Norse goddess of love and beauty- and a son, Jeuel (pronounced Jew-Ell), a Hebrew name chosen to honor Jeuel's grandparents.

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