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Cliff VanCott checks the tire pressure on a truck tire
Cliff VanCott checks the tire pressure on one of the trucks in the Arcata fleet.
Cliff VanCott

Administrative Technician

"I love the job, the location and the people are great.  With that combination, how can you go wrong."

He doesn't have the short haircut anymore but he still takes care of the fleet.  Only now, it's the 27 vehicle fleet of government vehicles in the Arcata Field Office. 

Cliff VanCott retired from the Marines in 1995 after a 20-year career.  During that time, he saw the world visiting Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Italy, Turkey, Norway to name a few. As a second generation Marine, moving around was not new.  He was born in Cherry Point, North Carolina, but lived in many states as a youngster.

Cliff is far from being "retired."  He worked for the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Los Angeles, then left there to work in private industry.  Finally, he decided he had enough of the big city and moving around the world.  He began looking for a way to live in a small town environment and be closer to his parents, who reside in Klamath Falls. 

He took a three-month sabbatical and visited most of the National Parks and public lands in the west.  He then attended Humboldt State University where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, fell in love with the area and settled in.  He went to work for BLM right after graduating in June 2003. 

As an administrative technician, Cliff makes sure the Arcata office has the tools necessary to get the work done.  That includes GPS, computers, vehicles and anything else that needs to be controlled and maintained. 

Cliff and Mary Grooms live in McKinleyville.

For more information concerning this feature story, contact Cliff VanCott by telephone 707-825-2304 or by e-mail
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