Bureau of Land Management

Roxie Trost is the new field office manager for the Barstow Field Office.
Roxie Trost

Field Office Manager

"I guess I just like to bring people together."

Roxie Trost says she left the Forest Service for BLM five years ago because she was looking for an assignment "where there was controversy and a warm climate."  She found both as an outdoor rec planner in El Centro and says she is finding her new job as Field Manager in Barstow just as “hot” issue and temperature-wise.

Becoming a field manager, with responsibility for three million acres and 60 employees, "just sort of evolved," she says.  BLM provided me "more opportunities," and "simply encouraged me to grow."

She’s "looking forward" to her new assignment, "especially to working with the great staff here and at the State Office."
"I guess I just like to bring people together" she says and adds that she plans to make "working closely with the County" and others in the local community her highest priority.

She and her husband, Mike Trost, a long-time BLM employee, brought their six kids, now aged 18-27, together like the "Brady Bunch" and now enjoy their free time with the kids grown.   Collecting antiques is a joint pastime, and anyone with some 1960s-vintage miniature "Hotwheels" knows who to call in Barstow.

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