Bureau of Land Management

Sarah Tomich
Sarah Tomich outside the System Administrator Conference held at the Bureau of Land Management State Office.
Sarah Rita Tomich

Information Technology Specialist

"After fifteen years of field work...I needed a personal job change..."

Sarah is a resident of Auburn, California.  She is married with two children, both girls, age eight and fifteen months.  Her husband is a helicopter pilot that fights fires both locally and overseas.  After fifteen years of field work, Sarah felt she needed a change.  It was then that she saw her current position advertised.

She feels that her most interesting accomplishment within the Bureau of Land Management was the creation and development of the "Dave Moore Nature Area" in Coloma, California.  Sarah draws her energy and inspiration from her two beautiful daughters, her husband and family.

Sarah holds an A.S. in Forestry from Sierra College and a B.A. in Environmental Studies from Sacramento State University. 

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