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Tim Smith outside the California State Office
Tim Smith outside the California State Office
Tim Smith

Recreation Program Manager
California State Office

"My Father, Grandfather and Great Grandfather were all Forest Service employees.  I am the Blacksheep."

Tim Smith has been the Recreation Program Manager for the state of California for over 11 years, and he will be for a couple of months yet.  California will lose Tim in January when he moves on to Arizona.

He has been with the Bureau of Land Management for over 26 years.  Tim began in Virginia with an assignment as a Maintenance Worker.  He shortly thereafter moved on to a Cooperative Education Student/Outdoor Recreation Planner in Utah, then to Outdoor Recreation Planner in the Barstow Field Office in California.  From California he went to Wyoming as the District Outdoor Recreation Planner, then to Nevada as the Supervisory Outdoor Recreation Planner, and finally he came to his current position here at the State Office.

Tim earned his B.S. in Resource Recreation Management from Utah State University.  He also comes from a long line of professionals in service of the land, although he chose a different path than his lineage.  "My Father, Grandfather, and Great Grandfather were all Forest Service employees.  I am the black sheep."

 He has worked hard to ensure the partnership between public use and land stewardship through cooperative efforts that lead to the "National Mountain Bicycling Strategic Action Plan".  This plan was not only endorsed by the national BLM Director but was also lauded by the mountain bicycling community at the National Trails symposium in Orlando, Florida.

Tim considers helping to initiate the nationally chartered Recreation and Visitor Services Advisory Team one of the more interesting things that he has done with the Bureau.  Certainly his part in creating the "BLM's Priorities for Recreation and Visitor Services" was also a significant one. 

When he is not working hard for the public and the land, Tim enjoys family, skiing, hiking, mountain biking, volleyball, wine tasting and coaching both his son and his daughter's soccer teams.  Tim's wife, Juli, is the Industrial Hygienist and Acting Regional Safety Manager for the Bureau of Reclamation's Mid Pacific Region.  Their son Zane is 11 and their daughter Jennifer is 9.

Tim will be sorely missed in California and in the California State Office. 

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