Bureau of Land Management

Rick Shellooe smiling.
Rick Shellooe
Rick Shellooe

Section Chief of Computer Operations and Support
California State Office

"I am fortunate enough to have a great staff; therefore it is my responsibility to ensure that they have the right tools, information, or the guidance to do their job."

Rick started in July of 1990 as a radio technician at the Sacramento Army Depot.  He began moving towards his current position because "...I wanted to get out of radio repair bench work and work outdoors as well as learn new technologies. In addition, DOD was closing bases so I thought it was prudent to find work elsewhere before they actually started cutting the jobs." 

That was 14 years ago when Rick began with the BLM.  He began his career with BLM as a radio and data communications specialist and "volunteered" to be the computer network manager in 1991 and became the team lead in networking shortly thereafter.  He was involved in many transformational projects with BLM California, as they pertained to networking, including UNIX, Novell, and Windows networks. He was also the project manager for the wiring infrastructure design and implementation for two state office moves.

Rick received his associates degree from American River College in digital and communication electronics and has acquired extensive knowledge over the years working for BLM.

In speaking about his current position, Rick tells us that he has discovered the "dimension and dynamic in management" to be completely different from the technical world during the last 18 years.  He looks back at the Imperial Sand Dunes communications project in 2001 and tells us, "The cohesive teamwork was unmatched."  With his positive attitude, he views his current position and its associated learning curve as an interesting challenge and looks forward to his future with BLM California.

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