Bureau of Land Management

Edy Seehafer outside
Edy Seehafer outside
Edythe Seehafer

Environmental Protection Specialist
Barstow Field Office

"...Much of what I have learned...has been directly due to the unselfish sharing and giving nature of [other BLMers], so thanks!"
Edy Seehafer is originally from Columbus, Ohio and began her career with BLM in the Washington D.C. Office as an intern straight out of college.  She moved to Barstow, California still as an intern in 1993.  In total, Edy has been with the Bureau of Land Management for about 13 years.

During her internships in Washington D.C. she worked in varied departments: hazmat, budget, mining law, ESO, Colorado planning, Washington D.C. planning, etc.  She holds B.S./M.S. degrees in Natural Resources Planning and Policy Analysis.  Her most recent project is also one of the most interesting ones that she's worked on.  Edy says, "--so that would be my work on the NEMO Route Designation Plan Amendment/EA and the DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) Automated Vehicle Testing EA, both of which had some unusual aspects to them."

Edy says that she was drawn to this occupation by discoving nature on night walks she used to take as a child through city creeks.  She is also a genealogy "nut" and is in regular contact with 2nd and 3rd cousins everywhere.  She also says, "...I have enjoyed almost every BLMer I have had the pleasure to work or interact with and what I have been able to learn through the years, much has been directly due to the unselfish sharing and giving nature of all of them, so thanks."

The feeling is entirely mutual Edy!

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