Bureau of Land Management

Myna Sarzotti at her desk
Myna Sarzotti at her desk
Myna Sarzotti

Fire Administrative Assistant/Human Resources
Bakersfield Field Office

"I just want to try to make it a little easier for the next person that comes along."

Myna Sarzotti has been with the Bureau of Land Management for almost 18 years and feels very blessed in the team that she is a part of at the Bakerfield Field Office.  "I had a car accident in 1986 in Bakersfield, which left me a paraplegic.  I went to the Department of Rehab in Bakersfield looking for assistance in finding a job.  Within a week of registering, they called saying BLM was hiring.  I went for an interview, not even knowing what the job was.  It was for an Initial Attack Dispatcher.  I got the job and held that for 7 years, before applying for the Fire Admin Assistant in 1995."

What does she do as the Fire Administrative Assistant/Human Resources person? A lot of everything..."Chief cook and bottle washer for the seasonal and permanent staff in the Fire program.  I help hire them, take care of them and process the paperwork when they leave.  Then in my spare time, I act as Human Resources for the office." Spare time?  "All kidding aside, I really love my job," she says.  "I hope that when I DO leave, they will be able to say, 'she listened and she cared'."

What are the most interesting things that have happened to her in her position?  Well one of the most coincidental has to be unknowningly help hire her future husband!  She also feels as though she's been given "...the opportunity to voice my new-found realities in a wheelchair to many people.  I just want to try to make it a little easier for the next person that comes along."

Myna also has glowing things to say about the people at her field office, "I found the most amazing group of people in the BLM, Bakersfield Field Office.  They accepted me from day one in my wheelchair.  It did not matter that I rolled to the radio, instead of walking.  They truly accepted me "For my Ability, and not my Disability".   My coworkers and my boss should be held as role models in the integration of a challenged individual, working in a large and complex work environment."

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