Bureau of Land Management

Evangeline Salas in the Human Resources area
Evangeline (Van) Salas in the Human Resources area
Evangeline Salas

Human Resources Assistant
California State Office

"I look forward to meeting everyone."

Van, as she prefers to be called, is new to the State Office and is a Human Resources Assistant.  In this position she is responsible for processing the full range of official personnel actions and maintaining files for employees in assigned organizations within the California offices of the Bureau of Land Management.

She began working in Human Resources with the Environmental Protection Agency in 2000.  "There is just so much to learn and I really like that."

Van and her family are originally from Guam and they moved from there in 1997 to the state of Washington with a job transfer.  She confesses to us that it was initially a difficult transition but her family worked through the day to day issues and adjustments and now feel much more at home.  In February of 2003 they moved to southern California with a job transfer to March Air Reserve Base and most recently have moved to this area with her husband's transfer to Beale Air Force Base, where he is a civilian employee.

She has an extensive federal background with over 15 years of experience, most of it in the Department of Defense.  This position is her first with the BLM though.  When she is looking to de-compress Van looks to her family and they remain her priority.  She is looking forward to meeting her goal in obtaining a higher education knowing that this will not only help her personally and professionally, but also be good for her family.

Van and her husband Jeff live in Marysville, California with their two daughters, Mariah who is 13 and Marissa who is 10.  She is looking forward to meeting everybody.

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