Bureau of Land Management

Alice Rogers
Alice Rogers, Staff Assistant, Fire and Aviation Branch
Alice Rogers

Staff Assistant, Fire and Aviation Branch
California State Office, Sacramento

"Now, my work load is based upon what is going on with the land and supporting my BLM team."

Alice Rogers reported to BLM in June to become the staff assistant for the Fire & Aviation Branch.  Alice is providing much needed support to the fire staff as well as the Resources and Support Services divisions. 

Alice has been with the federal government for over 26 years having worked for the Army, Navy, Air Force, Defense Accounting System, and Defense Commissary Agency.  Alice's most recent job in the accounting office at the Defense Commissary Agency, located at McClellan Business Park, is being transferred to Ft. Lee, Virginia.  Since she did not want to leave sunny California, she submitted her application to BLM and was selected for the position. 

Although Alice has lived in other cities, states and countries while an Air Force dependent, North Highlands and the greater Sacramento area are home.  Alice's family moved from Japan to North Highlands in 1964, when her dad was serving in the Air Force and has grown deep routes to the area.

She plays percussion instruments in her church praise band and has directed several children's Christmas plays, but she is better known as the "costume lady."  Over the years she has accumulated a sizable collection of biblical like costumes from what she has created and acquired from rummage sales and thrift stores.  However, she can't always find what she needs. "Finding three wise men hats or crowns each year is a challenge," she says. 

Alice and her husband, David, will celebrate their 27th wedding anniversary this year.  They have raised two sons, DJ and Steven.   

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