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Dr. Eric Ritter logs in artifacts
Dr. Eric Ritter logs in artifacts
Dr. Eric Ritter


"I really enjoy providing knowledge and understanding of past and contemporary cultures."

Eric Ritter is a detective.  He investigates the history and culture of Native American tribes and early inhabitants of north-central California.  He researches, interprets and safeguards BLM's heritage resources and Native American cultures. 

Eric, raised in Chico, California, inherited the family interest in archaeology and history.  His  desire to learn more led him to a BA degree in anthropology at the University of Arizona, and Masters and Ph.D. degrees in anthropology from the University of California, Davis.

Eric, with more than 29 years with the BLM, has served as the Riverside District archaeologist, the lead archaeologist for the California Desert planning staff and has also been a special project team archaeologist in the California State Office.  His most memorable experiences include conducting a sample inventory of archaeological  resources in the vast California Desert, and establishing a long-running BLM heritage publication series.

Dr. Ritter also teaches archaeology at Shasta College.

Eric, and his wife Patricia live in Redding.  They have four children. Bret, Shauna, Eric and Jon.

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