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Tim Read at his desk for the last time
Tim at his desk for the last time. 
Tim Read

Field Office Manager

The desert is a great place!"

Tim Read is another valued BLMer who has made the tough decision to retire.  Along with many others (Dick Forester, Chuck Shultz, Ralph Bunn, Don Black, to name a few) with the new year they are starting a new chapter in their lives.

Born in Oceanside, California and growing up in Salem, Oregon, the Mojave Desert is not the place you'd expect a Northwesterner to settle. After earning his college degree in recreation resources management from Oregon State University, Tim's humble beginnings were marking trees in Medford, Oregon.  From there it was on to Safford, Arizona for a short time before winding up in Socorro, New Mexico as an outdoor planner.  Next, he moved to Las Crusas, New Mexico as a rec. planner, then a multi-resources staff chief.  Finally, he came to Barstow in August of 1986 as a recreation branch chief, eventually becoming the field office manager in 1995.  

"Its a great place to live," says Tim.  "I can't believe I've been here this long."

Tim lives with his wife Carol Crosby in Silverlakes, where they have 27 holes of golf and 2 lakes.  Tim plans on lots of golf and fishing.

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