Bureau of Land Management

Jeff Prude at his desk
Jeff Prude at his desk
Jeffrey Prude

Petroleum Engineer
Bakersfield Field Office

"By taking an active part you really can make a difference."

Jeff Prude is the Field Office Oil and Gas Program Lead and a Petroleum Engineer for the Bakersfield Field Office.  He has been with the Bureau of Land Management for 18 years, all in Bakersfield.

When he came to the BLM, Jeff was coming from 11 years at Arco Oil and Gas.  With Arco he lived and worked all across the United States, from Alaska to the Gulf coast.  Here at BLM he has worked all aspects of the oil and gas arena.

Jeff really enjoys being a part of a group of people that work hard to reach resolution on issues and concerns.  In his current position Jeff works with all aspects of the Oil and Gas Program, including technical evaluations, planning, budget and outreach.  He and his team work closely with "operators" (oil companies leasing land from us) to assure that they are kept current with BLM on any concerns or changes.

With a B.S. in Petroleum Engineering from Texas Tech, Jeff continued his career in the oil and gas field.  He actually worked his way through college as an engineer during the summer months.  Jeff has always had a strong math and science background and has always been interested in the way things are put together and what makes them work.  With this kind of a curiosity and technical bent to his mind, together with his hometown being Midland, Texas (west Texas, "W's" hometown), petroleum engineering seemed a natural goal to Jeff.

He is also a founding member of the California Oil and Gas Workgroup which has been nationally recognized multiple times for its successes.  Most recently the Workgroup was recognized by Kathleen Clarke, the national Director of the Bureau of Land Management, in September of 2004 with the Director's 4 C's Award.  Consultation, Cooperation, and Communication all in the Service of Conservation

Most recently Jeff has been very involved as Chairman in getting ready for the Biennial 2004 Oil and Gas Conference which will be taking place Wednesday, November 10, 2004, at the Holiday Inn Select in Bakersfield.

Jeff and his wife of 28 years, Cheryl have a daughter, Sharon who was married only this last summer.  When Jeff is not working in the office he enjoys woodworking, gardening and traveling.

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