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Loretta Pedersen
Loretta Pedersen, administrative officer and web master extraordinaire
Loretta Pedersen

Administrative Officer

"I like what I do, even the short notice things."

Loretta Pedersen works on budget, personnel issues, and admin oversight of the Ridgecrest Field Office.  So, what does she talk about?  Being the web person for Ridgecrest.  She gets hyped about the challenge of putting web pages together while having fun at the same time.

"I get tickled when it goes right," she says. "I have all these ideas. I just need the time to get it done."

Loretta has been in Ridgecrest for eight years.  She started out as the public contact representative for the field office, transitioning to the administrative position in 1999.

She started as an administration specialist for the Air Force.  When she got out of the service she worked full time looking after her family and home.  After a 20-year break, she returned to the government workforce, working as a staff assistant for an Air Force hospital at Dyess Air Force Base, and as an accounting technician for the commissary at March Air Force Base.  Her first BLM position was as a staff assistant for the land and minerals division in the CDD office.  She now has 22 years of total government service.

Her most challenging assignment was helping to put together the first revision of the mining claims handbook, combining the location and patent books into one. 

Her husband, Richard, is retired from the Air Force.  They have a camper and like to take trips to the coast.  Loretta is an avid photographer and has hundreds of photos of the central coast.  She has also taken many photos of wilderness areas for BLM.  It something she really enjoys.    She also likes tennis.  "It's a great stress reliever," she says.

Loretta was born in Youngstown, Ohio.  Richard and Loretta's son, Jason, lives with his wife Liz in Cupertino. 

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