Bureau of Land Management

Valerie Parker in the State Office at a recent System Administrators conference.
Valerie Parker

IT Specialist
Ukiah Field Office

"I enjoy doing anything I possibly can to assist employees in their careers with BLM."

Originally from Akron, Ohio, Valerie now calls Ukiah, California her home.  She has a twenty year old son named David and a sixteen year old cat.  Asked what she does at BLM, Valerie responds that she does "all things computer related for the Ukiah Field Office."  She is also an EEO Counselor and a Mediator.  "I enjoy doing anything I possibly can to assist employees in their careers with BLM." 

Her career with BLM started in the California Desert District Office in 1988 as a part-time Clerk Typist in Resources.  Since then, she moved to Administration as an Editorial Clerk and then to a Computer Specialist.  "Starting in Resources in BLM was great because it provided me with the exposure to most of the major programs we deal with.  I would never have fully appreciated what BLM does on the ground if I hadn't had that experience."  

Valerie brings over thirty years experience in the computer industry to her position and she recharges for that position by spending time with her son and her cat.  She is also a Bingo player.  For Valerie one of the most interesting parts of her job has been following the progression in IRM California from the days of WANG through stand alone PCs through UNIX until now.  Those of you who have been around for that timeframe know exactly what she's talking about!

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