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Larry Morgan outside smiling
Larry Morgan
Larry Morgan

Field Manager

"...most people can achieve almost anything when road blocks to success are removed."

Larry is currently a resident of Moreno Valley, California with his wife Pattie.  They are planning to relocate to the Needles area soon, though.  Larry also has a son and a daughter.

Larry is the new manager of BLM's Needles Field Office.  When asked what that involves, he told us: "I am involved in day-to-day internal and external direction and implementation of activities for the field office.  The Needles Field Office is involved in many aspects of land management.  The most current items we have been working with include management of vegetation resources, energy and minerals, wilderness, livestock grazing, land and realty operations, wild burros, wildlife habitat, threatened and endangered species, outdoor and off-road vehicle recreation, archeological and paleontological resources, and related administrative functions such as law enforcement, HazMat (hazardous materials), road construction and maintenance, facilities maintenance, data management, and personnel management. "

On top of these, "We are scheduled to move into a new office in the next year, and we will be working more and more on the details of settling into a new building as completion nears.  The staff and I will meet the many challenges facing the Needles Field Office."

Larry came to his current position because he is interested in the management of BLM lands and it was the logical next step for him.  He emphasizes to us that his close working relationship with the folks in the Needles Field Office will lend itself to successful completion of future actions. 

Larry has been with the BLM for almost thirty years.  "For nine years during the late 70’s and early 80’s, I was a Range Technician, Range Conservationist, and Supervisory Range Conservationist in the Burns, Oregon.  In the Burns District, I worked in the John Day and Three Rivers Field Offices.  In 1984, I transferred to the California Desert District Office as the range program lead.  As program leader, I was involved in program policy development and program implementation for grazing management, wild horses and burros, water rights, weed management, and development of rangeland improvements.  In the past several years, I worked closely with all CDD field offices regarding consultation with the US Fish and Wildlife Service for grazing management in listed species habitat."

Larry has a B.S. degree in Agriculture from California State University of Chico. When it's time to recharge, he enjoys backpacking, hiking and fishing in a wildland setting.

Larry closes with an observation :"While serving as a group supervisor during emergency stabilization and rehabilitation for a fire in central California, I witnessed the strength of a small team of well-coordinated people far exceed management’s expectations.  I witnessed this before, but never noticed until then that most people can achieve almost anything when road blocks to success are removed."  Words to live by!

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