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Eric Morgan with his son Jack
Eric Morgan with his son Jack
Eric Morgan

Fort Ord Project Manager
Hollister Field Office

"...I wanted to be part of the excitement."
Eric Morgan is the Fort Ord Project Manager and came to the position when he heard of the great things that were occurring at the former Fort Ord, "...I wanted to be part of the excitement."  Fort Ord is managed out of the Hollister Field Office. 

Although the quote above is from Eric, it could well have applied to his young son, Jack.  In the picture above Eric is at a National Public Lands Day event introducing a congressman when his son Jack came running up to Daddy.  Eric is pictured holding the microphone and bending to speak to his son before, presumably, the congressman also stepped forward!

So what does the project manager do at Fort Ord?  "Mostly, I tell everyone that I know (and some that I don’t know) about the great accomplishments that my staff and compatriots achieve in the management of the Fort Ord Public Lands.  We have a top-notched habitat enhancement program, splendid noxious weed abatement team, terrific recreation management squad, wonderful fuels management module, awesome law enforcement program, perfect maintenance and construction crew, and unparalleled volunteer gang.  I guess my major role is filling in the gaps with those programs and trying to keep all cylinders firing together."

But Eric didn't start out at Fort Ord.  Growing up his father was with the U.S. Forest Service, and later with the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency.  This meant that his family moved several times as his father changed jobs with various National Forests in California.  He finished up his high school education in South Lake Tahoe where his parents and brother still live.

Eric started his career with the Bureau of Land Management in 1989 at the Redding Field Office.  "I’ve been very lucky to work in two great offices with the BLM.  From 1989 to 1993, I worked as a Forester in the Redding Field Office.  I helped with the Redding Resource Management Plan in 1992, and from 1993 to 1999 I worked as an Outdoor Recreation Planner for Redding.  They were great jobs, great people up there, and I have fond memories of the Redding gang.  I’ve been the Fort Ord Project Manager since June of 1999 - following in the BIG footsteps of Steve Addington."

In fact it is out of the Redding Field Office that one of Eric's most interesting projects came, "I am really proud of all the work we did in Redding on the Resource Management Plan and the Interlakes Special Recreation Management Area Plan and EIS (i.e. Shasta Lake/Whiskeytown Lake/Sacramento River Areas)." 

When Eric writes about his current assignment you can all but hear the pride he has in his team.  "At Fort Ord, I am most proud of the high quality staff that we are able to hire and retain in an area that is so expensive to live – by extension, I am proud of their accomplishments at the former Fort Ord (especially the habitat enhancement programs and trail development/maintenance programs)."

Eric attended University of California at San Diego for two years and then transferred to Cal Poly at San Luis Obispo and received his B.S. degree in Natural Resources Management with a concentration in Watershed, Chaparral and Fire Management.  He and his college sweetheart, wife Susan, live in Marina with their two children, Jack who is 7 and Cameron who is 5.  Best wishes Eric!

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