Bureau of Land Management

Jerry Moore
Jerry Moore wheels his fork lift in the state office warehouse
Jerry Moore

Material Handler
California State Office

"BLM has changed a lot.  It has grown dramatically over the years."

Jerry Moore is a fixture in the state office.  Just about everyone knows Jerry, and if you don't, what planet have you been on. 

Jerry Moore has been with BLM since high-school.  On June 6, he goes over 30 years of federal service.  All of it with BLM in the California state office.  He says only one other person has been in the state office longer.   He has seen five state directors (one of them twice) and has witnessed many, many changes over the years.  The biggest changes have been in how offices are set up and office automation. 

Jerry started as a Repro/Xerox machine operator.  If there was copying to be done, a person sent it to a centralized area where Jerry made the copies on huge reproduction machines.  Now we have copy machines that sit on desks. 

"When I started, there were no computers," Jerry says about the advent of office automation.    "But, that doesn't mean we have cut down on paper."

One of Jerry's many duties is to help with office moves.  "One of the biggest changes is with office systems," Jerry says.  "With modular furniture, there are not as many changes."

Something just about everyone knows, is that Jerry is a huge sports fan.  He loved baseball while growing up and still supports the Oakland A's, but his attention has switched to basketball and the Sacramento Kings.  He also is a Raiders fan.  Just visit him in the warehouse and you will see the sports memorabilia throughout his office.  When not cheering on his favorite team, Jerry loves taking his family to Monterey or Lake Tahoe.

Jerry was born in Modesto.  His family moved to Sacramento when he was in kindergarten.  He is married to Barbara and they have two children, Natalie, age 19, and Kyle, age 14.

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