Bureau of Land Management

Robin Moen outside the State Office at a System Administrator Conference
Robin Moen

IT Specialist
Ridgecrest Field Office

"Laughter charges my batteries!"

Robin is California "born and bred" and is currently working out of the Ridgecrest Field Office.  She has three children -- her son is twenty-four and her daughters are twenty and sixteen.

She currently maintains all the computers at the Ridgecrest Field Office, trains users and administers the computer network.

Robin started in the Ridgecrest office as a student temporary park ranger in the recreation and wilderness branch.  Co-workers started turning to her for help with WordPerfect and other computer issues.  While attending the local junior college she discovered a degree program that would allow her to make a career out of information technology. 

After completing her associates degree, she transferred to California State University in Bakersfield where she earned her bachelor's degree in business and management information systems.

Starting out as a park ranger, and then moving to student trainee before coming to her current position has undoubtedly given her a diverse viewpoint in her nearly 13 years at BLM.

When asked what charges her batteries, Robin is succinct and to the point -- laughter.

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