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Mike Marquart with his canine partner
MIke Marquart with his canine partner, Shadow.
Mike Marquart

Law Enforcement Ranger
Ridgecrest Field Office

"I want to provide a safer atmosphere for our number one resource, our children."
Mike Marquart comes to us originally from Great Falls, Montana.  He operates out of the Ridgecrest Field Office as a Law Enforcement Ranger and is a resident of Ridgecrest, California along with his wife and three children. 

Ranger Marquart originally came to his profession because he had "...a concern for protecting natural resources, serving the public and providing a safer atmosphere for our number one resource, our children."  He has been with the Bureau of Land Management for four years and has served out of Salem, Oregon and Great Falls, Montana.

Mike began his career in law enforcement in northern Montana as a police officer for the City of Cut Bank.  He worked there for one year before transferring to a deputy sheriff position in central Montana.  After five years as a deputy he took a law enforcement SCEP (Student Career Experience Program) position out of Oregon.  Once he completed his Masters Degree in Criminal Justice Administration, and the BLM requirements for the SCEP position, he transitioned over to a permanent law enforcement position.

Like all Rangers, Mike attended the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, and was the recipient of the distinguished Director's Award.  Mike was also an Honor Graduate of the academy.  He continues to shine through his community outreach efforts and has been recognized multiple times through letters of appreciation from partner organizations as well.

Shadow is his faithful canine partner, and a more appropriate name for a canine partner seems hard to find.  When Mike is looking to relax he enjoys hunting, fishing and making the most of "life experiences".  He also enjoys spending time with his lovely family.

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