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Rich Leverton
Rich Leverton sets up his survey equipment near Shasta Lake
Richard Leverton

Cadastral Surveyor
Shasta Lake Field Survey Office

"I did a lot of camping and hunting as a child.  Being outdoors guided me to become a surveyor." 

Rich Leverton has been tramping the hills and vales of northern California for 19 years as a field surveyor for BLM.  With 24 total years of government service, you'd think Rich would slow down.  But, not a chance.  Rich is currently working with a crew surveying 35 miles of the Klamath River for the Yurok Tribe, from Weitchpee, CA to the coastal town of Klamath.  He sets off for the survey site before 6:30 am and doesn't return until after 5 pm.  Some areas along the river are accessible only by boat or helicopter.  It will take six to ten yers to complete.

As significant as the Yurok Tribal project, Rich has been involved in several important jobs.  Surveying the Headwaters Forest Reserve for one.  But, restoring the original surveys along the McCloud and Sacramento River drainages was one of the most valuable. 

A memorable survey occurred in 1995, as Rich and crew were hiking out of a remote area near the Shasta Reservoir, they came upon an airplane crash shortly after it had happened.  The crew was able to notify authorities and guide them to the wreckage.   

Rich holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Range Management and lives in Redding.

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