Bureau of Land Management

Ray LeLoup
Ray LeLoup
Ray LeLoup

Chief Area Ranger
El Centro Field Office

I'm looking forward to the challenges of my new position.

Ray LeLoup is the recently appointed Chief Area Ranger for the El Centro Field Office.  In this position he is responsible for, implements and coordinates all law enforcement functions within the area that the El Centro Field Office covers.

He comes to the position with over 13 years of law enforcement experience.  Ray began as an MP (Military Police) in the Army with the 82nd Airborne.  From that position he went on to the Criminal Investigation Division and spent 3 years undercover with the Drug Suppression Team.  Ray was then deployed to Bosnia where he saw combat.

In 1997 Ray became a Corrections Officer at the High Desert State Prison in Susanville, California.  After about six months in that position he moved on to become an Investigator with the Investigator Services Unit, also attached to the prison.

Ray then became a Federal Air Marshall out of Los Angeles, California in 2002 and was in that position until June of 2003 when he came to the Bureau of Land Management as a Ranger in Glamis.

When he isn't working Ray enjoys motorcross and hunting.  He tends to specifically hunt what he can eat.  Ray is also looking forward to the challenges of his new position.

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