Bureau of Land Management

David Lawler
David Lawler
David Lawler

Mining Engineer and Abandoned Mines Land Coordinator
California State Office

"We are trying to do the right thing as land stewards.  Our mission is the health of the land."

David Lawler is a mining engineer and the state abandoned mines land coordinator working to clean-up abandoned mines in the various water-sheds throughout the state.  He has been with the BLM for about 6 years, although he did work form BLM about 20 years ago at the Winnemucca District Office.

Dave brought a great deal of experience and advanced degrees in geosciences when he came to BLM.  David has a great deal of enthusiasm for what he and the many partners are striving to accomplish.  He finds his work challenging and ever changing.

"We are trying to do the right thing as land stewards," he says.  "Our mission is the health of the land." 

David also says some abandoned mines create remedial physical hazards to the public.  He concentrates on high risk sites and solves problems by backfilling, installing bat gates or using a kind of foam to close the mine.  David elaborates that the foam is much like what a homeowner might use to insulate around wires running through a wall of their home.

David quips that he came to his position through "blind luck."  However, along with his degrees, he has worked in academia throughout the world before coming to BLM.  He says he has always been interested in geology.  As a teenager he collected fossils and minerals and knows where all the "nooks and crannies" are to find fossils.

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