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Chris Knauf monitoring sand food
Chris Knauf monitoring sand food, a plant at the Imperial Sand Dunes
Chris Knauf

Natural Resource Specialist
El Centro

"Monitoring and more monitoring is the name of the game."

Chris Knauf is the program lead for grazing, soil, air and water resources, general vegetation management, unusual plant assemblages, and rare, sensitive, threatened, and endangered species.

Although his regular workload is very busy, Chris also has taken on the responsibility for many other projects including the Pines Fire burned area emergency stabilization and rehabilitation plan (BAER) Chris continues to work on the project as portions of the BAER plan are funded. Chris has also taken the lead to work with the new field biologist to help develop his expertise in the species in the El Centro Field Office's area of responsibility. Chris provides the field biologist with guidance in working with contract employees, identification of species and monitoring techniques as well as explaining BLM's processes and values.

Chris enjoys traveling the world and scuba diving.  He recently returned from the Indonesian islands of Bali and Flores.

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