Bureau of Land Management

Claude Kirby
Claude Kirby
Claude Kirby

Palm Springs Field Office

"Be consistent in your decisions."
Claude Kirby answers the phone with only one word, "Kirby", but he somehow manages to put whole paragraphs of communication into those short two syllables.  One of the first things you notice on talking with Claude is a soft, slow manner of speech that seems to call out "South!".  Actually, Claude was born in Colorado, but spent quite a bit of time in the Oklahoma panhandle, and his speech is favorably colored by the time he spent there.  He also very much believes in calling a spade a spade.

He works out of the Palm Springs field office as a realty specialist and as the lead for wind energy.  He really enjoys the people that he works with and is adamant that he has been taught "a world of stuff" by these folks.  Claude is particularly pleased that he has been in the field long enough for familiarity with his partners and associates.  A familiarity that makes clearing away the grey areas much easier.  And a wealth of experience that has taught him that most important is "to be consistent in your decisions".

Claude started with the Bureau of Land Management in 1991 when the Palm Springs office was looking for a compliance person.  In 1994, when an opening became available for land school, Claude was ready, willing and able.  He has been in this position since that time.  Claude came to the BLM with an AA degree in business administration from Lamar Community College in Colorado.

When Claude isn't at the office, you will probably find him on the golf course.  He says that golf is a lot of work when you first begin, but once you get past the working stages its a lot of fun.  Claude also enjoys camping, and when he camps he makes sure that he's "roughing it smoothly".  In other words, in a 30 foot 5th-wheel!!

Claude currently resides in Indio with his wife Jill.  Together they have one son, Shane, and three daughters, Rhonda, Rene and Rae.  Claude also has a sister in Sacramento, so we are looking forward to him visiting us at the state office soon.  He also still has a sister and a brother in Colorado but, you only need to listen to him talk to know that his manners came from Oklahoma.

For more information concerning this feature story, contact Claude Kirby by telephone 760-251-4850 or by e-mail
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