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Jennifer Johnston studies contruction data
Jennifer Johnston studies construction data
Jennifer Johnston

Civil Engineer

 " I love to ride my bicycle.  I commute to work every day by bike, rain or shine."

Jennifer Johnson is the civil engineer in the Arcata Field Office.  She surveys, designs, inspects and assesses recreation facilities, roads, trails and water systems in the Arcata Field Office jurisdiction.

This past year, Jennifer implemented a program to monitor forest roads in the Headwaters Forest Reserve.  The roads were removed with heavy equipment to reduce the amount of sediment runoff into aquatic habitat.   Her program included establishing photo points, measuring erosion in excavated stream crossings and vegetation surveys.

Jennifer grew up in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metropolis in Texas.  She found she was good at math and science and had a strong desire to work outdoors and learn alternative ways to solve environmental problems.  She left the open flat lands of the Republic of Texas to attend Humboldt State College where she earned a environmental resources engineering degree in 2001.

Starting with BLM in a student career experience position (SCEP) at the Arcata office in 1999 while attending school, she eventually converted to a full time civil engineer after graduation. 

Jennifer lives in Arcata, California.

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