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Marilyn Hofstra at her desk
Marilyn Hofstra handles paperwork at her desk in Arcata
Marilyn Hofstra

Administrative Assistant

"I enjoy my family, my job, the area we live in, traveling, movies, music, walks on the beach, sunshine, rain, and fog."

Marilyn is a resident of Arcata, California, and the Administrative Assistant for BLM's Arcata Field Office. Her husband, Terry, is the Chief of Natural Resources and Science at the Redwood National Park.  Her daughter Krystyna is a student at the University of Oklahoma and her daughter Amanda is a student at Humboldt State University.  Although they originally thought that they were moving to Arcata for only a short period of time, they have lived in the same home for over 24 years.

In her position as Administrative Assistant she "...provides administrative support to managers and staff of the Arcata Field Office, the King Range National Conservation ?Area, and the Headwaters Forest Reserve.  Her work focuses on human resource services, travel, timekeeping and worker's compensation.  Additionally, she is the Collection Officer performing functions of the collection and billing system and  coordinating service with the electronic mailing list system.

In her first federal job with the Public Health Service at Robert S. Kerr Water Research Center in Ada, Oklahoma, she says "I worked for the Personnel and Administrative Officers, and when I started the job our office space was located in a temporary facility on campus of a state university.  As the youngest member of a staff of 10, I participated in a variety of tasks that needed to be done in building this new research center. I assisted in various ways from the GSA floor plan stage to groundbreaking, to actual construction, to ordering services/furniture/supplies, and most importantly with the recruitment and hiring of staff that grew to over 100 employees!  In recalling my experience at the Kerr Center, I realize how much I enjoy the challenge of working on a variety of tasks."

Marilyn attended both the University of Oklahoma and Southeastern Oklahoma State University.  During her first 14 years of federal service, from the mid-60s to the late seventies, she worked for several agencies including the Public Health Service and the Department of the Navy.  With the Navy, she was in the Industrial Relations Department Appointment/Employment Unit.  One of her first positions in this unit required her to be a member of the Civil Service Commission Board of Examiners.  She later transferred to the Department of the Army as a Staff Assistant for the U.S. Army Procurement Agency-Vietnam.  In this position she was responsible for contracting and procuring food items for U.S. and allied forces in Vietnam.  She then worked for the Environmental Protection Agency where she met her husband.  In 1979 she resigned to stay home with her first born, Krystyna, and later moved to Denver when her husband transferred to the National Park Service.

Marilyn has a major in Music Education and was able to use her musical education and skill to compile and edit a book published in 1992 entitled "Voices - Native American Worship Resources."

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