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Botanist Anne Halford crouching amongst flowers
Botanist Anne Halford
Anne Halford

Bishop Field Office

"I appreciate all the support that people like John Willoughby and my work peers have given me..."

Anne Halford is a botanist in the Bishop Field Office.  Among a plethora of duties, she implements a variety of vegetation related projects including:|
-- upland and wetland restoration
-- fire rehabilitation
-- rare plant protection
-- invasive weed eradication
-- environmental education

She also works with a variety of volunteer groups, universities and other agencies to implement projects, restoration, and rare plant monitoring.  Anne came to this field after spending a lot of time out of doors in wild places and admiring a myriad of plants and their communities.

Watching her "Deepest Valley Cooperative Native Plant Propagation Center" come to fruition and seeing those plants repairing impacted areas has been one of her professional highlights.  She is also deeply motivated by the dedicated volunteer groups in her area that help rehabilitate damaged lands, eradicate invasive weeks and find new rare plant populations.  She is also grateful to the "...great group of people in the Bishop Field Office!"

Anne was raised in the Seattle area, lived in Truckee before moving to Bishop. She has a bachelor's degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder, Colorado and a master's in plant ecology from the University of Nevada at Reno.  Anne, her husband Kirk, son Sean and daughter Cara feel very fortunate living and working in the eastern Sierra - it's a very special community.

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