Bureau of Land Management

Richard Grabawski
Richard Grabowski
Richard Grabowski

Deputy State Director, Energy and Minerals Division
California State Office

During summer vacations, I always enjoyed the outdoors and developed an intense interest in geology.

Richard Grabowski still remembers those summer camping vacations that brought him into geology and eventually to the Bureau of Land Management.  He has been with the BLM for 8 years.

Richard was raised and attended school in Los Altos, California.  He completed his degree in Geology, at the MacKay School of Mines, University of Nevada.  His past positions include 10 years as the chief of western operations with the U.S. Bureau of Mines, 6 years with the Cabot Corporation as its chief geologist and 8 years with Utah International as a district manager.  During his long professional career, he has worked in Australia, Africa, North and South America and Western Europe.  In addition to working in the earth sciences, he completed 30 years as a Naval Reservist, retiring at the rank of Captain.

Since coming to BLM, he says, "Reorganizing the division to better address the changing workload demands of our public lands," is his greatest contribution.

Richard says his wife of 37 years, Kathryn, is a "major quilter."  His eldest son, Richard, is a dermatologist; middle son, Greg, a podiatrist; and youngest son, Matt, a 1st Lieutenant in the U.S. Marine Corp.  Matt recently returned safely from his second tour in Iraq.

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