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Rose Foster and friend
Rose Foster shows a young desert tortoise to Alicia Tamez at the Desert Discovery Center in Barstow
Rose Foster

Environmental Education and Volunteer Specialist

"This position draws from all of my past experiences."

Rose Foster is drawn to organizing things.  She learned how to pay attention to detail as a tax preparer.   She learned how to organize and administer a business for  dentists' offices.  She learned how to deal with governmental bureaucracy working for the U. S. Post Office for a few years.  Then she decided to respond to an add in the paper for a volunteer position with Together-for-the-Desert, a non-profit partnership between the San Bernardino National Forest and BLM.  The volunteer position was eventually converted into a temporary paying position.  Rose entered the Student Career Entry Program a year later.  Upon graduation from college she became a full-time employee and has been with BLM for a total of 5 1/2 years.   

With a bachelor of science degree in social psychology, Rose says she is able to draw from all her past experiences and her training for her position as the full-time volunteer coordinator for Barstow. 

Rose knows her way around, she was born in Apple Valley and has lived in Barstow for 29 years.  Her community contacts have paid high dividends as evidenced by the number of successful volunteer events.  Rose was recognized in 2002 for her leadership when she was selected to receive a "Making a Difference" award from BLM Director Kathleen Clarke for her contributions in the volunteer program.  

Rose says the Desert Discovery Center is the most rewarding part of her job.  She loves getting people, especially young people, to catch the vision to understand the value of our public lands and to be good stewards of the land. 

Rose also serves as the chair of the Volunteer Program Adjunct Team.  VPAT is an interdisciplinary team composed of staff from all levels of BLM that serves as a liaison to the Washington office environmental education and volunteers group.  The team assists with national initiatives and provide technical support and services to the field.  It also plays and important role in representing field office needs and perspectives to Washington, D.C. officials.

Not one to be idle, Rose is a volunteer at the Oasis Bonding Center facilitating session for young women with children.

Rose and husband, Ron live in Barstow.  They have six children, Katie, Lauri, Jonathan, Holly, Dino and Janelle, and one granddaughter, Mariah.

For more information concerning this feature story, contact Rose Foster by telephone 760 252-6011 or by e-mail
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