Bureau of Land Management

Gerald Fong in a hard hat holding a lap top computer
Gerald Fong standing in the California State Office with some of the test equipment from his Dunes project.
Gerald Fong

IT Specialist
California State Office

I love technology and teaching.

Gerald lives in Sacramento and is married, to Tiffany, with two children, a girl, Britney, and a boy, Kyle.  He has been with BLM for seven years and previously held a three year contracting position, also in BLM, Sacramento.  Gerald came to the States from China, the Guang Dong province in Canton, 20 years ago and holds a B.A. in Math with a minor in Computer Science.

Gerald finds his motivation in technology and in his family, but he continues to explore his world for options.  He "continues to look" for that which will motivate and excite him.

His most interesting accomplishment within BLM, aside from ensuring the maximum "up time" for California's WAN (Wide Area Network) Connection, was the Glamis (Imperial Sand Dunes) communication system for Safety and Law Enforcement

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