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Jim Evans with a stuffed canary in a birdcage
Jim Evans, in true miner's fashion with a canary...a stuffed one.
James Evans

Senior Technical Mineral Specialist
California State Office

"People accuse me of using antiquated tools...if it works why change?" jokes Jim Evans, referring to his canary for determination of oxygen in underground mine works.

Jim Evans, or J.R., is a familiar sight around the California State Office.  From his fragrant pipe, to his beige vest, his incredible experience, as well as larger than life personality. are well known.  Elsewhere on our web site is a photo of him working with the public and the caption calls him "Old Grumpy".  Truth be told, he is anything but.  However, he will tell you that is one of the many nicknames that his wife has for him!

J.R. has been with the BLM for over 23 years, early on he worked out of the Folsom Field Office and lab, but it was still attached to the State Office at that time.  Jim received his education from several colleges and universities.  He has attended Fullerton College, Whittier College, University of Southern California, University of California at Los Angeles and University of California at Davis.  Through his education and his many years of experience Jim holds numerous accreditations and memberships including:

California Registered Geologist since 1970
California Certified Engineering Geologist since 1976
Department of the Interior, Certified Review Mineral Examiner since 1990
Department of the Interior, Certified Mineral Examiner since 1990
Fellow, Geological Society of America since 1967
Fellow, Mineralogical Society of America since 1965
Member, Society of Mining Engineers since 1970
California Teaching Credential since 1958 and current
Certified Mineral Appraiser 2002-4 by the American Institute of Minerals Appraisers

Jim also holds a few dozen awards and recognitions, ranging from departmental recognitions locally to citations from the nation's capital.  So what does a Mineral Specialist do before coming to the Bureau of Land Management?  Jim has over 50 years of experience in the field, office and laboratory.  He has developed new techniques in precious metal placer mine testing and on financial and appraisal modeling.  He worked as the Assistant District Geologist for Salt Lake City, Utah Office for Cerro Mineral Exploration Co.  Jim was also the Minerals Divison Manager for the California Division of Mines and Geology.  Reporting directly to the Chief of Division he served as District Supervisor for the U.S. Geological Survy District Resource Evaluation Office in California.  And the list goes on...

On a more personal note, Jim has an outstanding and dry wit and needs only a rock hammer at his belt to appear able to take you back in time to an earlier era.  Jim and his wife Dolores of 50 years, this December, have 8 children, 17 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren.  Watching him interact with children at some of our Wild Horse and Burro events or other Outreach programs it's easy to see that children are fascinated by him and the history that he brings with him.

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