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Terry Elliott at her desk
Terry in the Information Access Center
Theresa Ann Elliott

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California State Office

"I enjoy working with people and a lot of people count on the services the Information Access Center provides.

Theresa Ann Elliott, or Terry, as she likes to be called, has been working in the Information Access Center in the California State Office for about four years.  She provides technical assistance and information to employees, public visitors, federal, state and local government officials concerning various issues relating to public land usage.  She also responds to telephone calls and e-mail inquiries on issues that might be concerning land and mineral status, mining claim location, recordation, or recreation. 

In fact, Terry's duties are so varied and far-reaching that there is not room to realistically list them all here!  But for those of you who might be wondering if the answer to your question lies in the Information Access Center we'll touch briefly on a sampling of some of the areas that fall into her domain.  Among many others things our Information Access Center can help you with the following things:

~ explanation of laws and regulations regarding uses on the public lands 
~ assistance on filing requirements for land and mineral uses
~ research of legal documentation to provide printed documents related to land, mineral, mining claim recordation and recreation inquiries  
~ purchasing BLM, Forest Service, Wilderness and Recreation maps
~ obtaining fire permits and recreation passes, e.g., Golden Age, Golden Eagle, Golden Access, and Holograms for National Park Passes. 
~  copying official case files

Now how does one come to be in a position where you have to know quite a bit about a wide variety of topics?  Terry has been with the federal government for over 26 years, 15 of those years have been with the Bureau of Land Management.  Previous to her current position she was involved in clerical and secretarial work in both the Minerals and Resources Divisions, but found that it was no longer personally fulfilling for her.  She was promoted to her current position wanting something different and challenging that would take advantage of her innate gift with people. 

Originally from Oakland, California, Terry is now a resident of Sacramento and resides with her husband Raymond.  They have two daughters, Tasha who is 22 and Christina who is 16.

 Attending Santa Rosa Junior College, Terry earned her AA degree, and along with this degree brings her years of experience, upbeat outlook and energy to her position.  When asked what she enjoys, it's easy to see that working with people, both the public and her co-workers, is part of what really energizes her.  She also enjoys maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle and parlays some of her great energy into cooking and exercising.  But most of all, she enjoys surrounding herself with people that she cares about and that care about her.

If you ever have occasion to visit the Information Access Center look for Terry and her contagious smile.  She is ready and waiting to help you.

For more information concerning this feature story, contact Theresa Ann Elliott by telephone 916-978-4401 or by e-mail
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