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Jim paddles an inflatable kayak during a safety patrol in the Cosumnes River Preserve.
Jim Eicher

Associate Field Manager

"My passion is the care, preservation and protection of river systems."

Jim Eicher will tell you he is a River Rat.  He was a river ranger and outdoor recreation planner for 20 years before opting to take on the duties as the associate field office manager in Folsom.   And the reason he stays in Folsom is because of the many river systems. 

Originating from Cedar Rapids, Iowa (the other Cedar Rapids), he longed to come west and work in the forests, mountains and on the rivers.  He got his chance in 1974 when he moved to Corvallis, Oregon to study at Oregon State University.   After obtaining his BS degree in outdoor recreation planning, he became a co-op student at Folsom while pursuing his Masters degree in recreation administration from Sacramento State.

His favorite recollections, naturally involve the rivers.  "Just about every river corridor had occupancy trespasses," Jim said.  "We flew out over 80,000 pounds of debris and we burned and buried much more.  It took us over eight years, but we finally got the rivers cleaned up."

Jim lives in El Dorado Hills with wife Robin, and their two children. Jim still has family in Iowa, including an identical twin, John Eicher.

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