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Nora DeDios giving a presentation
Nora DeDios giving a presentation
Nora DeDios

Realty Specialist-Minerals
Bakersfield Field Office

"I've met many people from around the country and have learned a lot about the energy world through the lease sales that we have in Bakersfield."

Nora DeDios was born in Corpus Christi, Texas and raised in Bakersfield, Calfornia.  She still lives there with her husband and two sons.

She holds an associates degree from Bakersfield College as well as a paralegal certificate.  She is a minerals realty specialist in the Bakersfield Field Office.  

 "I’m exposed to different types of oil and gas permits with different parts of the laws and regulations," she says.  "I’m a member of a technical team, and I am the contact in leaseable minerals adjudication functions.  My job is to provide advice and guidance to engineers, geologists, technicians, and managers in legal interpretation and proper application and use of the various mineral leasing laws pertaining to leases and agreements.  My job also involves conducting oil and gas lease sales on public lands."

Her 21 year career with the Bureau of Land Management began while a student at Bakersfield College, working at the field office as a clerk typist and later as a legal clerk.  She enjoyed it so much that she decided to stay.

Nora tells us that she has met many people from around the country and has learned a great deal.  One of the many things that she learned was confidence in public speaking -- she feels it has drawn her out of her shell. 

When not at work, Nora enjoys spending time with her family, shopping and exercising.  "I love to spin!" she says.

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