Bureau of Land Management

Dexter Dearth
Dexter Dearth
Dexter Dearth

Section Chief, Telecommunications Systems
California State Office

"Don't hesitate to call me or any of the telecommunication, IRM staff. We're here for one serve you, the end user."

Dexter manages the statewide telecommunication operations.  Dexter came to this position after 24 years in various electronics positions in government and private industry.  He has been with BLM for almost 6 years.

Dexter brings an extremely diverse and well-rounded background to BLM.  He was the telecom supervisor at Yosemite for 8 years for the National Park Service and worked for the Department of Defense for 9 years.  He was a bio-medical electronics technician for 3 years, and served in the Air Force for 7 years, both as an electronics technician for 5 of those years, and as an in-flight refueling “boom" operator for 2 years. 

He attends National University, working toward a bachelors degree in electronics.  He has associate's degrees in electronics from Waubonsee College in Illinois, and Sacramento City College, and another from the USAF Community College in communications electronics. Dexter has a Federal Communication Commission (FCC) general radiotelephone license and a FCC amateur radio license.  Dexter is also qualified as a firefighter I, swiftwater rescue technician, and incident communications technician.

What does Dexter consider his most interesting accomplishment within BLM?  "Saving BLM-California hundreds of thousands of dollars by delaying the implementation of a digital radio systems until the technology matured and actually worked for the field personnel.  Also, working with the law enforcement and fire community on the Glamis projects and helping out Arizona BLM with their radio problems."

When Dexter is not busy here at work or commuting on his motorcycle, he enjoys running with his wife in the early morning.  He is also an avid karate student in the "Tang Soo Do" style.  But he doesn't always stay on land, he is also a master SCUBA diver and enjoys exploring the ocean depths.

Dexter was born in Ohio to an Air Force family that moved around quite a bit, finally ending up in California.  He and his wife of 29 years, Cindy, are residents of Galt, California and have a 17-year-old daughter named Mackinzie and a 14-year-old son, Preston.  Dexter commutes the 30 miles north from his home to the California State Office where he is the telecommunications manager.

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