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James Davis next to a fire rig
James Davis checks fire equipment
James Davis

Heavy Equipment Operator

"I enjoy running the 'water tender' and supporting my fellow firefighters."
James Baker Davis is a lifelong resident of Bakersfield, where he lives with his wife, Diane.  They have three grown children, James Jr., Malik and Aisha.  Between the three children they are now the proud grandparents of 10 children.  The newest child is Aisha's and arrived in early September. 

James works out of BLM's Bakersfield Field Office and the summer of 2004 found him at the Midway Fire Station.  He is a heavy equipment operator and in that capacity runs the 3,000-gallon "water tender 3191" at Midway Fire Station -- among many other things.  In the course of a season James fights fires, drives fire rigs, acts as general and small engine mechanic, operates his favored "water tender", and as all fire fighters must...cooks.

He has actually been with the Bureau of Land Management for over 16 years and started out, for the first 2-1/2 years of his career with BLM, as a Kern Valley Hotshot.  He enjoys most being "an engineering equipment operator for fire" and gets his energy from helping people.  With 10 grandkids, he must need all the energy he can get!!

Most recently James has been concentrating on a support role since injuring his knees.  Before that, he often volunteered for the Wild Horse and Burro Program.  He still finds time to lend his heavy equipment skills to the Resource Group doing such things as leveling land and grading roads.

We'll wish James the best with his wonderful family and add a cliched, but heartfelt "Stay safe!"

For more information concerning this feature story, contact James Davis by telephone 661 391-6058 or by e-mail
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