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Gary Cotterel
Gary Cotterell
Gary Cotterell

Computer specialist
Palm Springs-South Coast

"[Our district manager] offered me this job when the Palm Springs – South Coast Field Office office had difficulty recruiting and maintaining a computer specialist." 

BLM's California Desert District manager offered Gary his current position "when the Palm Springs-South Coast Field Office had difficulty recruiting and maintaining a computer specialist."  Gary maintains the office's computer systems and helps those who have difficulties now and then with the technology. About two years, ago he also took on the duties of office Webmaster. Those pages include information about the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument - often featured in News.bytes or the BLM California Website.

Originally from Denver, Colorado, Gary first learned about maintaining computer systems with the US Navy, prior to 1990.  He has also obtained experience in the computer field from self study, on-the-job training and courses taken at BLM's National Training Center.  Along the way, he also earned an associate of science degree in Mathematics from Olympia College, in Bremerton Washington.

Gary has been with the BLM for 10 years, starting as a temporary employee his first year, then as a budget analyst for four years. He still inputs "activity-based costing" (ABC) data, which the BLM uses to break down in detail the costs of all of its activities.

What interests Gary about his job? Sounds like most of what he's done: "Learning how to do Web-related tasks for the Palm Springs – South Coast Field Office, managing the California Desert District's budget for 4 years, learning how to maintain the computer systems and associated equipment in this field office."

In his spare time, Gary enjoys "gardening, woodworking, reading and watching professional basketball."

Gary lives in Hemet with his wife, and has two grown daughters.

For more information concerning this feature story, contact Gary Cotterell by telephone 760-251-4881 or by e-mail
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