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Jorge Cervantes
Jorge Cervantes standing outside
Jorge Cervantes

Prevention Officer
Surprise Field Office

"I enjoy working with the kids and providing valuable education."
Jorge Cervantes was born in Alturas, California, where he is now a resident.  He operates out of the Surprise Field Office as a Fire Mitigation Education Specialist.  And what does he do in this position?  Many of the things that he did as a Fire Prevention Specialist, plus community involvement, (for example, the Community Fire Prevention Plan), and education among other things.

Actually, Jorge greatly enjoys working with kids when he visits schools to provide education to students.  That is not surprising, as he and his wife Adelita have two children of their own, 8-year-old Isabella and 6-year-old Belicia.

Jorge attended Modesto Junior College where he earned his A.A. degree and then he enrolled in a Bureau of Land Management program called Joint Apprenticeship in Training Program for Wildland Fire Fighters.  Jorge says that the program was 2 years of intense training that taught him much.  Before coming to the BLM Jorge worked with the Forest Service as a fire fighter for 6 years beginning in 1972.  He has spent 18 years in fire fighting with the BLM.

When Jorge isn't on the job he enjoys spending time with his family outdoors, whether that be fishing or picnicking.  He is also spending time speaking Spanish with his daughters, trying to assure that they also will be bilingual.

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