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Veteran geologist Tim Carroll cradles rock samples he has collected over the years.
Tim Carroll


"We are more focused on abandoned mines and physical safety concerns of those abandoned mines."

Tim Carroll is one of the first resource area geologists in the BLM.   He has been at it for 29 years, and he's lovin' it. 

Upon completing his Bachelor of Science degree in geology at the School of Mines in Rolla, Missouri (University of Missouri-Rolla) he began training with BLM in Phoenix.  With a few stops along the way in Susanville, Idaho Falls, and Kanab, Utah he arrived in Folsom.  He has been there for 15 years -- in the middle of the proverbial Mother Lode.  A geologists idea of paradise.

"This is the historic mother lode.  There are still thousands of mining claims on lands we manage," Tim says. 

As the resource area geologist, Tim wears several hats.  He prepares documentation for mineral related proposals and reclamation projects.  He conducts mineral exams to determine validity of claims and patent applications.  He appraises the royalty values of mineral materials and processes sale contracts.  Tim investigates mineral trespasses and conducts compliance inspections at development sites.  Tim also helps identify and mediate physical and water quality hazards associated with abandoned mine sites.

His most memorable project was a clean-up operation removing unauthorized mining claim operators and three tons of materials along the Merced River, which resulted in the river being suitable for public use.

Tim lives in Folsom with his bride, Jackie.

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