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Kim Bunn
Kim gets down into the vegetation to study the wildlife.
Kim Bunn

Wildlife Biologist

"My whole job is interesting!"

As a BLM student, Kim finished her second degree at Sac State, while working in the BLM Sacramento external affairs office constructing and populating a wildlife website  Kim continues to maintain the site on her own time with the help of the wildlife biologists from throughout the state.

"It is fantastic how so many biologist offer ideas, photos and contribute to the wildlife website.  I also receive contributions from the public about the website." Kim said.  Kim also provide much of the wildlife trivia for our weekly e-newsletter, Newsbytes.

Originally pursuing a career as a teacher, Kim has a Bachelor of Arts degree in liberal studies.  After taking courses in biology and zoology in her senior year, Kim discovered she would rather be a wildlife biologist.  She finished the liberal arts degree then began work on her biology degree, completing it in 2001.

Upon graduating with her Bachelor of Science degree in biological conservation, she began working as a full-time BLM wildlife biologist at the Folsom Field Office.  She has been there for two years. 

One of her first projects was to realign a recreation trail in the Red Hills Area of Critical Environmental Concern.   There were many sensitive plants so the realignment had to be environmentally friendly.  "The volunteer recreation users helping with the project gave me a mule to ride," she said with a wry smile. "That was interesting!"

Kim's dad is Ralph Bunn, the configuration manager in Information Resources Management branch in BLM's state office.  Her mother is a pediatric health nurse for Sacramento County.  Kim lives in Rancho Cordova.

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