Bureau of Land Management

Bud Jensen smiling at the camera
Bud Jensen standing outside the State Office during a System Administrator conference.
Hugh Jensen

IT Specialist
California State Office

"I have been quite fortunate in my career with BLM.  I have had opportunities to perform several different jobs and enjoy coming to work and the people I work with."

In 22 years with the BLM, Hugh A. "Bud" Jensen has had the opportunity to fill a number of different positions.  Following in his father's footsteps as a Cadastral Surveyor he started his career surveying for the Western Field Office out of Portland, Oregon.  That gave him the opportunity to travel from southern California to eastern Washington surveying the public lands of the west.  After a year working private construction he began working in the Warehouse here at the State Office with Jerry Moore, which transitioned into Property Management Specialist, then into computers. 

In the technical world he started as a computer room operator, which lead to a GIS Specialist and then to Technical Training Coordinator with Leah Ward.  From that he became an IT Specialist focusing on Unix system administration.  As a senior IT Specialist in the Bureau, he got his greatest opportunity when he was elected as the Lead System Administrator for the BLM.  Serving two years in that capacity provided him with great exposure into the inner workings of BLM's IT procedures and policies.
Bud, as he prefers to be called, has his beautiful wife Donna and two grown children.  His son, Jeff, is 21 and his daughter Kim is 19.  Bud's co-workers share that he is a conscientious and dedicated employee.  They add that he plays a mean game of darts.

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