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Linda Boehm at her desk
Linda Boehm at her desk in Human Resources
Linda Boehm

Staff Assistant - Human Resources
California State Office

"I look forward to meeting everyone."

After 15 years with the Veterans Administration, Linda Boehm decided that she was stuck in a rut.  And when she decides to do something, she does not do it in half measures.  Linda left El Paso, Texas a few weeks ago to come to California as a Staff Assistant for Human Resources in the State Office.

In the 1970's Linda held a position as a Clerk-typist in Roswell, New Mexico.  Linda worked as a secretary to the radiology department in the Veterans Administration and was there for 15 years when she realized that she had gotten stuck in a rut and "...decided to shake things up job, new city, new state!"

Her children, a 7 year old son called B.J. (for Bobby Jr.) and a 4 year old daughter called Amber have kept her busy and will again when her husband, Robert and kids join her here in California.  When Linda is not taking her kids to karate, soccer, acting classes and scouts she enjoys traveling, reading and playing computer games.

Linda says, "I am a happy-go-lucky person...I look forward to meeting [my co-workers] and invite [them] to please stop by to introduce [themselves]."

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