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Randy Bales in the Barstow Field Office
Randy Bales in the Barstow Field Office
Randall Bales

Administrative Officer
Barstow Field Office

"My computer experience was quickly recognized and while in the detail a permanent position was advertised…..of course I applied. Thanks be to God I was selected."

Randy Bales is the chief, administrative support for the Barstow Field Office.  He has been working in administration for about four years.  He gained his administrative skills during a four-year tour with the U.S. Army as a communications chief.  During that time, he was an administrator of a facility at Ft. Ord, California. 

In December 2001, he started with the BLM as a maintenance worker.  After six months, he moved into the IT field and from there to his current position as the Barstow Filed Office administrative officer in May 2005.

Randy has now been with the BLM for four years.  Aside from his considerable experience with the DOD, Randy also brings his military background in communications, electronics and administration to his position.  He says his most interesting accomplishment with the BLM was  taking over a project and completing it ahead of schedule.  The operations chief, Larry Blaine, was injured half way through the project, so former field manager Tim Read asked Randy to take over. The project consisted of supervising a crew building a fence in the Ord Mountains nine miles long. "Wow! What a project that was," says Randy.

On a more personal note, Randy resides in Barstow with his wife and three children, who were all born and raised in Barstow.  His wife, Priscilla, is a full blooded Acoma Native American Indian.  Her parents and anscestors are from Acomita, New Mexico.  Their children are Sarah Benavidez, Randal J. Jr. (R.J.) and Ryan.  Sarah is married to Danny Benavidez and they have three children, Alyssa, Danny Jr. and Joseph.

When asked what charges his batteries, Randy quips that he hasn't figured that out yet.  Perhaps it is life itself that recharges him.  We think it probably has a great deal to do with family.

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