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Mark Ackerman working in the wetlands
Mark Ackerman working in his wetlands.
Mark Ackerman

Wildlife Biologist

"I truly love and am dedicated to the conservation and responsible management of wildlife and wildlife habitat, in particular wetland habitats."

Mark Ackerman is an incredibly dedicated individual who has made a lasting impression on many employees and citizens that have worked alongside him at events in the Consumnes Wetlands Preserve.  Mark originally hails from Lodi, California and has been with the BLM in various positions and capacities for close to seven years.  Visitors to the area are most likely to see Mark wearing waders, covered to the neck in the wet earth of his area and intensely passionate about what he does.

Mark tells us that “…As the Wildlife Biologist…
*I maintain the managed wetlands at the Preserve,
*do water bird inventories,
*design wetland projects and improvements,
*assess and manipulate habitat conditions to benefit wetland species,
*monitor for threatened or endangered species when needed,
*and work with the Wetland Manager on the annual wetlands management plan.
*I also organize wetlands projects for the HRT (a group of volunteers) on work days.
*…perform most of the daily field tasks associated with the operation and maintenance of 1000 acres of managed wetlands."

Mark came to BLM with a Bachelors of Science in Wildlife Management from Humboldt State University, and an AA degree in Natural Resources from San Joaquin Delta College.  His education and his experience have combined to make him one of the most well respected people in his position. 

Mark was recently hired full-time to the BLM, and on his first day he was presented with the Presidential Volunteer Service Award.  The award states, "Mark volunteers as the BLM assistant wetlands manager at the Cosumnes River Preserve, a nationally recognized conservation partnership and one of California's flagship preserve projects."

Asked how he recharges we would, naturally expect outdoor pursuits - considering his passionate pursual of wildlife management - and we would be right.  Mark enjoys fishing and hunting, camping, swimming and most other outdoor pursuits.  He is also particularly fond of watching the sun rise or set over his beloved wetlands.

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