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Mickey Bridges
Mickey Bridges on the dispatch floor at the Central California Interagency Communications Center
Mickey Bridges

Assistant Center Manager
Central California Interagency Communications Center, Bakersfield

"I've been blessed with an interesting life." 

Mickey Bridges is the assistant manager at the Central California Interagency Communications Center, bringing 27 years of experience to the job.   He will tell you he has had an interesting life, including jobs with the U.S. Forest Service and National Park Service as well as the BLM.

In 1980, Mickey started working on a trail crew for the Forest Service -- and found his passion in wildland fire suppression.  After working in a variety of positions over the next 16 years, including time on hotshot crews, Mickey took a break from firefighting to work in personnel and finance.  Five years later, he wanted to get back into the fire program.  He took a detail in dispatch, and found that is where he wanted to stay.

When asked about his career so far, Mickey lights up with memories of his firefighting days.  "The crews share a great camaraderie," he says.  "You become part of a family, to the point where you miss each other over the winter and look forward to the following season."

Mickey lives in Porterville and has three grown children, Michael, 24, 20 and 18. Away from work, he enjoys time with his mom, Agnes, the strength of his family; and time spent on his new Harley-Davidson cruising throught the forest.

"I've been blessed with such an interesting life," he says.  That includes his current position.  "No two days are ever alike in dispatch," he says.  "It's reminiscent of my firefighting days.  As firerighting was in my past, this is the ideal job for me today."

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