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Cynthia Ice-Bones
Cynthia Ice-Bones, EEO Specialist
Cynthia Ice-Bones

EEO Specialist
California State Office

"I am still amazed at the abundance of 'new places' that I've found and the diversity of the landscape and people in California."

Cynthia Ice-Bones serves as an equal opportunity employment specialist with primary responsibilities for managing BLM's discrimination complaints program. 

Cynthia is not a stranger in the state office. Prior to coming to the EEO office, she was an employee and labor relations specialist in human resources for five years.  At Leadership Challenge, Cynthia expanded her individual development plan (IDP) to broaden her skills and looked for an opportunity for a detail in another area.  EEO needed assistance due to a retirement and voila! It worked out so well, she applied for a permanent position in EEO. 

Cynthia grew up in Bardstown, Kentucky near Louisville.  She got out of her "comfort zone" after high school by becoming a Rotary exchange student to Belgium.  After receiving her bachelor's degree from Transylvania University in Lexington, Kentucky in 1996, she was selected to be a Rotary ambassadorial scholar and spent a year in Sydney, Australia.   She says both of her exchange student experiences were life-altering and had a very positive impact on her view of the global society in which we live.

While in Australia, Cynthia earned a graduate diploma in labor relations from the University of New South Wales - or "labour" relations, as it is spelled there.  She also played women's rugby and was featured in an Australian sports magazine in an article regarding the influx of Canadian and American students playing a sport where language presented a humorous barrier in playing the game.

Her visits to other countries also instilled a passion for travel -- and since having a son, Ian, she has learned to look for opportunities to visit new places a little closer to home. Her family enjoys camping on public lands and have been known to stop when they see a BLM sign. 

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