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Steve Borchard
Steve Borchard, California Desert District Manager
Steve Borchard

Desert District Manager
California Desert District

"I look forward to working with people to find solutions and realize a common goal."

Steven J. Borchard says he has a passion for sustainable natural resource management and recognizes the importance of working with people who use and care about these resources.  Steve will be able to put this fervor to good use as the new California Desert District manager.

Steve's upbringing on the family farm in Ventura County and living in rural northern California towns where his family camped, hunted and fished give him a good basis for the issues facing California land resources.  He graduated from UC Davis with a degree in soil and water science in 1976. Upon graduation, Steve went to work as a soil scientist in Idaho and then moved to BLM's Winnemucca, Nevada office.  He transferred to the Natural Resources Conservation Service in northern California in 1977, performing soil surveys, wetland mapping and conservation planning.  He returned to BLM in 1993 as a natural resource specialist in the Redding office. 

He says his most interesting accomplishment was being part of the Trinity River restoration project, serving as the vice-chair of the Trinity River Technical Coordinating Committee, a 19-member, multi-agency, multi-government, multi-tribal group that planned and directed the 7 million dollar per year restoration program.

He was appointed the riparian and wetlands program lead for BLM in Washington, D.C. in 1998 and became the deputy group manager for rangeland resources in 2001. 

Most recently, Steve served as a Congressional Fellow assigned to the U.S. Senate to work on public land policy issues.

Steve is "baching" it until his wife Donni and daughter Annette relocate to Moreno Valley.    His son, Christopher, is in his 3rd year at Salisbury University in Maryland.  Eldest daughter, Amy, lives in San Mateo and works for a large biomedical company.

For more information concerning this feature story, contact Steve Borchard by telephone 951-697-5200 or by e-mail Steven Borchard
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