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Effective January 2016, NEPA documents and NHPA status are available on the ePlanning NEPA register. This page is available for archival purposes only. New projects will no longer be posted to this page.

Ukiah NEPA Documents and NHPA Status -ARCHIVE-

The table below shows the Ukiah NEPA documents that are currently being developed or have recently been completed. The table also shows the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) status for each action. Some of the documents in that table are available on-line and can be downloaded by clicking the entry in the Type column.

There is a legend available which describes NEPA terms and NHPA terms.

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Project Number Type Program Description Geographic Location Contact Status Initiated Completed NHPA Status Field Office Fiscal Year
DOI-BLM-CA-C05000-2016-009CXLands and RealtyGeysers Power Company propose construction of a geothermal pipeline conisiting of approx. 1480 ft. in length to transfer steam from one field to another. Pipeline project identified as the Calitoga to Tocher Crosstie pipeline. Geysers Management AreaAlice Vigil
DR Signed 01/11/201602/05/2016NHAUkiah 2016
DOI-BLM-CA-C05000-2015-010EALands and RealtyLake County is looking to have a power-line / telecommunications right-of-way transfered from Lake County TV to the themselves (Lake County). In 2011, Lake County acquired Mt. Konocti's Buckingham Peak and related communication facilities. Additionally, Lake County is looking to amend the ROW to upgrade the existing overhead power-line and add a fiber optic cable. Additionally, they're looking for an enlargement of their work area to 15 ft. from the center-line. Seven old utility poles will be removed and replaced with new adjacent poles. Mt. KonoctiAlice Vigil
DR Signed 04/27/201505/29/2015NHAUkiah 2015
DOI-BLM-CA-C05000-2015-002EALands and RealtyHomestake Mining Company has applied for a right-of-way to access and respond to orders issued by the Central Valley Region Water Quality Control Board to evaluate and mitigate potential water quality degradations associated with past mining activities within the Sulphur Creek Mining District (District). Cache Creek Management AreaAlice Vigil
DR Signed 02/20/201503/31/2015ADVUkiah 2015
DOI-BLM-CA-C05000-2015-001EALands and RealtyBLM is proposing to modify existing communication facilities. Indian Valley Management AreaAlice Vigil
DR Signed 02/02/201503/04/2015NHAUkiah 2015
DOI-BLM-CA-C05000-2015-017CXLands and RealtyAltaGas Request Renewal of existing Right-of-Way for a Type II Wind Energy Site Testing Monitoring Project Area.Indian Valley Management AreaAlice Vigil
Decision Record Signed 06/16/201508/10/2015EXMUkiah 2015
DOI-BLM-CA-C05000-2015-005EALands and RealtyWilbur Hot Springs Water Pipeline SystemIndian Valley Management AreaAlice Vigil
Decision Record Signed05/13/201506/22/2015NHAUkiah 2015
DOI-BLM-CA-C05000-2015-014CXLands and RealtyVerizon Wireless Requesting Renewal and Partial Relinquishment of existing R/W to relinquish authorization of co-locating communications equpment in another communcations facilty, and amend for and renew the continued use of the existing generator. Gravelly Ridge (Scattered Tracts)Alice Vigil
707 468-4082
Decision Record Signed06/08/201508/03/2015EXMUkiah 2015
DOI-BLM-CA-C05000-2015-012EARecreationUC Davis Research and Restoration Project for closed OHV trails Knoxville Management AreaSarah Mathews
Comment period closed 06/10/201507/10/2015NAEUkiah 2015
DOI-BLM-CA-C05000-2015-016CXRecreationThis document allows for closure of routes made to be closed in the 2006 Ukiah Resource Management PlanSouth Cow MountainSarah Mathews
In Progress comments due no later then 9/19/201508/20/2015NHAUkiah 2015
DOI-BLM-CA-C05000-2015-004CXLands and RealtyPlacement of a 500 ft. underground fiber optic cable from overhead lines to an existing communications bunker on Mt. St. Helena. All work within existing ROW.Mt. St. Helena, Calistoga, CaliforniaAlice Vigil
DR Signed 04/14/201503/17/201503/24/2015EXMUkiah 2015

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