Ridgecrest NEPA Documents and NHPA Status

The table below shows the Ridgecrest NEPA documents that are currently being developed or have recently been completed. The table also shows the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) status for each action. Some of the documents in that table are available on-line and can be downloaded by clicking the entry in the Type column.

There is a legend available which describes NEPA terms and NHPA terms.

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Project Number Type Program Description Geographic Location Contact Status Initiated Completed NHPA Status Field Office Fiscal Year
DOI-BLM-CA-D050-2013-075 EAHazardous materialsRemediation of Abandoned Mine Land Physical Safety Hazards and Solid Waste Removal at the Gum Tree and Whitmore Mine Sites Township 11 North, Range 12 West, Section 32 – San Bernardino Meridian Mojave, Kern County Jeff Gicklhorn
(760) 384-5434
7/3/14: Appeal period open until August 1, 2014.02/03/201407/03/2014CMPRidgecrest 2013
DOI-BLM-CA-D050-2014-016EAEnergy and MineralsPERDITO DRILLING PROJECT:a drilling project on previously disturbed lands.Conglomerate MesaPORTER, Randy
(760) 384-5452
Assessment in progress, comments welcome02/11/2014Ridgecrest 2014
DOI-BLM-CA-D0500-2014-040 EAEnergy and MineralsProposal to mine clay on ±2 acres of public land by surface mining.a BLM parcel within Red Rock Canyon State Park, within Sec. 30-T.29S., R.38E., MDMRandall Porter
(760) 384-5452
preliminary scoping06/03/2014Ridgecrest 2014
DOI-BLM-CA-D050-2014-037-EAEARangeKelso Peak Allotment Grazing Permit Renewal Kelso Valley area, w/in the Bright Star Wilderness AreaJeff Gicklhorn
(760) 384-5434
In Progress05/26/2014REVRidgecrest 2014
DOI-BLM-CA-D0500-2014-039DNAMJZ - Film PermitTrona Pinnacles area, Cinder Dry LakeHANSON, Elaine
DOI-BLM-CA-D050-2013-043CXAbandoned Mine LandsFencing and signing of extremely hazardous mine features in Kern County and Inyo County.Township 30 South, Range 40 East, Sections 1, 2, 3, 10, 11, 12. Township 29 South, Range 40 East, Section 34; T 27 S, R 40 E, Sections 20, 30 Mount Diablo Meridian, Kern County, California, and T 7 S, R 39 E, Sections 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 34, Lori Ford
Completed; signed 4/23/2013Ridgecrest 2013
DOI-BLM-CA-D050-2014-032EARecreationRed Mountain Closed Trail Restoration:This Restoration EA is in preparation for restoration work planned for commencing in September 2014. Please review and comment.Red Mountain Sub-Region Maps are supplied in document Appendix.JACOBS, Dana
(760) 384-5442
In Progress04/24/2014Ridgecrest 2014
DOI-BLM-CA-D050-2014-031CXRangeMojave Tarplant: Indian Springs Fence:The proposal is to install an electric fence around a population of BLM special status plant species to protect it from cattle impacts.Olancha AllotmentFITTON, Sam
(760) 384-5432
In progress04/22/2014Ridgecrest 2014
DOI-BLM-CA-D050-2014-030DNARecreationOHV Grant Applicationand DNA Management of OHV Recreation. The BLM Ridgecrest Field Office proposes to provide for the continuation of recreational opportunities on the public lands managed within the Ridgecrest Resource Area.Management emphasis will be placed on the lands within the Red Mountain subregion, Rand Mountain – Fremont Valley Management Area, along with other areas receiving concentrated OHV use such as the Jawbone-Butterbredt ACEC, El Paso Mountains, Rademacher HiJACOBS, Dana
(760) 384-5442
In progress04/22/2014Ridgecrest 2014
DOI-BLM-CA-D050-2014-017EAWildernessThe BLM proposes to construct resource protection fences at six locations near or along the Kiavah and Bright Star Wildernesses to stop recurring off-route and wilderness vehicle incursions. Bright Star T28S, R35E, Sections 7, 8 Kiavah T27S, R37E, Sections 19, 30, 31, 36 T28S, R36E, Section 1DICKES, Marty
(760) 384-5444
In Progress02/18/2014Ridgecrest 2014

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